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Building inspector filmed at the cracks


  • When there are cracks in the foundation or walls.

  • When there is bowing or sagging in the walls or roof.

  • Where there is wood boring organism or rot damage.

  • When an appraiser perceives a structural defect.

  • When a new home is under construction.

  • When a mortgage company/bank needs an engineer’s opinion before writing a loan.

  • When there is a concern about the structural integrity of the building or home.

  • When there is fire, flood, water or wind damage.

Structures of any age are subject over time to weather conditions, ground movement, warping, insect or water damage and more. If you are concerned about a potential structural problem in your home or commercial property remove the uncertainty and receive an evaluation that you can feel confident about with a Structural Inspection from our sister company HBS Consulting, LLC. The inspection service offers an assessment and evaluation of the structural components in question by a Virginia Licensed Professional Engineer. Common structural elements inspected include footings, foundation, main structural members (beams, columns, girders, bearing walls), and secondary structural members (exterior and interior walls, attic and roof framing).

Following the inspection, you will receive a structural engineer's letter detailing our findings and recommendations regarding items that require immediate remedy, short-term, or long-term attention. If you suspect your home has any structural deficiency, contract HBS Consulting, LLC to perform an evaluation before a small problem becomes more serious. 

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