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See what our clients are saying!

We would highly recommend Scott for your next home inspection. We found him to be extremely thorough and highly detailed in his reports. This is the second time we have used his service. He is very knowledgeable and will explain to you what a problem is or could come up in the future, in layman's terms. We appreciate everything Scott has done and will definitely use him again.

- J.W., Salem, VA, July 2023


Working with Scott was a pleasure. He is an expert, incredibly thorough, and offered advice throughout each step of the inspection. Highly suggest working with him and his team.

- W.U., Roanoke, VA, April 2023


Scott was absolutely fantastic! From the moment he walked in the door, it was clear he knew what he was doing. He allowed, encouraged really, me as the buyer to follow him during the inspection. He answered all of my questions and pointed out small things I could do to protect the home. His inspection revealed issues that we were not aware of and ultimately saved me from a horrific financial decision. I cannot recommend working with Scott enough. It doesn't hurt that he's a Hokie, too!

- J.M., Roanoke, VA, December 2022


Scott's detailed knowledge (plus structural engineering) and professionalism is simply a must have in the home building process. Because of the information provided and issues cited, this allowed us to request justifiable corrections and avoid costly future repairs. Home construction is quite expensive and this service is a huge value towards that investment. Scott is friendly, has excellent communication skills and adjusts his schedule to promptly perform inspections. This is extremely helpful during the various construction phases and /or when issues suddenly occur. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! 

- L.G., Moneta, VA, September 2022


Scott did terrific work and went over and above to answer my questions and send photos. Very responsive to my phone calls. Very relieved that Scott Easter is no Lloyd Christmas.

- M.S., Moneta, VA, August 2022

Awesome. Took time to go over any questions we had. Reviewed everything with us. Very thorough. Didn't rush. Great guy you will not find better.

- C.D., Goodview, VA, June 2022

Great inspection! Proven ability to do a thorough inspection while educating prospective home owner on issues with home and corrective/preventative measures. Would seek him out for future home purchases.

- I.O., Moneta, VA, April 2022

asked my realtor to find a particularly strict, experienced inspector. Mr. Easter is not only a licensed building inspector, but he is also a licensed contractor, a licensed engineer, and a licensed real estate agent, he has been in business for many years and is experienced in all of these fields, so he not only understands the structural component as a builder and an engineer, but he also thoroughly understands the process of buying and selling buildings as a realtor. I was present for the entire inspection, Mr. Easter arrived exactly on time, explained how the inspection would proceed and invited my questions to be sure that I understood the results of every step of the inspection. I can not imagine a better combination of professional skills, experience, and a sharp eye for detail in every aspect of the inspection. Within a few hours I had the final report in my email, and when I wrote back upon receiving it with a few additional questions Mr. Easter was prompt in his reply. Because of his expert knowledge, training and experience I would highly recommend Mr. Easter for anyone looking for a building inspector. His expertise, experience and ability to clearly explain problems discovered and solutions to them takes a lot of the stress out of what can be a stressful and worrisome process.

- J.K., Roanoke, VA, November 2021


Scott was incredibly thorough and had a wide base of knowledge. We really appreciated his way of explaining things, and making sure we understood. We're going to call Scott for any of our inspection needs in the future! Highly recommend!

- A.S., Roanoke, VA, November 2021


Scott is the most thorough home inspector I've run across in my 40 years of home ownership. If you are a seller and want only the good news, don't call Scott. Scott saved us from closing on a home with major structural damage. This damage was overlooked by the seller's home inspector because he probably did not take the time to crawl on his belly through out the entire homes crawl space. The damage was obvious and a few photos not only convinced us not to buy but also was able to accurately inform the current owner of the extent of the damage. Scott is at the top of his field and well worth the money!

- W.G., Roanoke, VA, August 2021


Scott Easter Of HBS Property Inspections is Definitely A Gentleman, A Scholar & By Far The Best Home Inspector. Scott Is VERY Thorough, VERY Professional & VERY Passionate About His Work. We'd Most Definitely Recommend Scott Over & Over & Over Again!! (LOOK UP HBS PROPERTY INSPECTIONS & ASK FOR SCOTT!! 

- R.R., Daleville, VA, June 2021


Scott is very informative and helpful. Being a first time home buyer I was not sure what I could possibly get it in to. With his inspection I know now how to make my future home a better place and I know also it is a safe place to live. Thank you Scott!

- T.F., Salem, VA, June 2021


Scott was very helpful in answering all of the extra questions that my husband and I had! With his expanded background in engineering, he was better able to answer our questions concerning structural integrity with ease. This is very important when buying a home that was more than 40 years old. We would recommend Scott to anyone in the area searching for a home inspector.

- M.W., Penhook, VA, April 2021

I was able to work with Scott on not one, but two inspections. Scott was always on-time, thorough, and knowledgable on the issues at hand. His structural engineering experience gives him and upper-hand on pinpointing structural liabilities when it comes to purchasing a new home. I would highly recommend Scott to any and all of my friends. Thanks, Scott!

- C.C., Roanoke, VA, April 2021


Awesome to deal with. Super professional and courteous. Very clear with explanations on items found during inspection.

- C.S., Catawba, VA, March 2021


Scott is a very thorough inspector. It helps immensely that he is also a structural engineer and contractor. That allows him to provide a lot more insight into the condition of the house.

- J.B., Roanoke, VA, January 2021


Scott made a very through inspection of the property. I shadowed him and asked numerous questions about his findings. He answered all questions to my satisfaction and what to look for to ensure proper repairs were made. I would recommend Scott to anyone seeking a personable professional inspector to check any property.

- W.C., Moneta, VA, December 2020


Scott was extremely thorough, knowledgeable, and professional. He was happy to answer any questions I had, and him letting me follow him around during the inspection was very helpful. The report that he put together was excellent. I would recommend him to anyone.

- N.G., Roanoke, VA, December 2020


Scott, Thanks so much for your expertise and experience! As a first time home buyer, I can say that you made the experience of a home inspection an understandable process. From the explanation of your process to the execution of all tasks. You are a true professional, thanks for your assistance on this journey of home ownership. 

- G.C., Salem, VA, December 2020


Scott was wonderful to work with! Very friendly and clearly knew his stuff. Patiently took time to explain issues in a way even an amateur like me could understand. Definitely would recommend!

- A.L., Vinton, VA, November 2020


Scott saved us from buying a money pit!!! My husband and I are both in real estate and nearly waived the inspection contingency on our purchase, but we are so grateful that we didn't and chose to use Scott for our inspection. He is incredibly detailed and thorough, and he identified a number of structural concerns that would have cost us many thousands to bring to a safe condition. We still hope to find another lakefront home and will definitely use him on the next one!

- K.B., Moneta, VA, September 2020


This was the most thorough home inspection that I have had. Scott was very professional and helpful. I highly recommend him and will hire him again in the future.

- V.B., Martinsville, VA, September 2020

Scott did an amazing job on our inspection. He checked every detail of the house, and even took the time to explain what he was doing, and answer any questions that we had throughout the process. I could not recommend Scott more, and if needed would definitely use him in the future.

- K.L., Blacksburg, VA, July 220

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SCOTT EASTER!!!! SCOTT is an excellent Home Inspector - the most thorough Home Inspector you could ever have. His inspections are extensive, detailed and complete. He is knowledgeable and happy to answer any question during the inspection - as well as days later. The most valuable aspect of his service was his ability to explain things thoroughly and comprehensively. Scott inspected 5 homes for me ... YES, FIVE HOMES, before I found a well built, well maintained home. He is an expert in every sense of the word - MONEY WELL SPENT ... NO HEADACHES IN MY NEW HOME!! If I ever buy another home, I will definitely have Scott as my Home Inspector! Scott Easter is truly a buyers dream! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HBS PROPERTY INSPECTIONS!

- S.G., Vinton VA, June 2020

I participated in a home inspection as an observer. Scott was very thorough and took the time to explain what he was looking for, details related to issues, maintenance suggestions and repair recommendations. The written report was excellent and timely.

- N.S., Troutville, VA, June 2020


I give this inspector 10 stars!!! He is Extremely thorough, he saw even the smallest things that I did not see! This inspector was worth every penny!!!

- J.M., Roanoke VA, April 2020

Mr. Easter is prompt and professional. Further, his background as a structural engineer imparts confidence in his ability to comprehensively inspect any property. Thanks for all your help. I learned a lot just from reading the report.

- R.H., Cloverdale VA, April 2020

Scott's report was very complete, organized and easy to follow. He is very precise in how he explains things and prioritizes it to be very understanding. I will certainly recommend Scott and his company to friends and relatives. - - M.A., Vinton VA, March 2020

Scott was very thorough with the inspection. He took pictures and wrote down everything that might need attention. He checked every space and explained everything to us. I would highly recommend Scott to friends. Thank you!
- L.T., Salem VA, January 2020

Very thorough and helpful. Thanks for your hard work!
- S.T., Roanoke VA, January 2020

Very professional, knowledgeable and courteous. Answered all of my questions. Provided an in-depth report in a timely manner. Extremely easy to work with.
- T.C., Roanoke VA, December 2019


Scott is very easy to work with. We found him to be very patient and thorough. His report was very helpful in learning about our soon-to-be new home. Good explanations and photos about all the areas he assessed. Also, very easy to communicate with before and during the inspection.
- D.B., Roanoke VA, November 2019

As a long-time Professional Engineer, I appreciate Scott's thorough and knowledgeable inspection. He knows what to look for and explains where appropriate. His inspection is a worthwhile investment. The report summary with annotated pictures is useful. Thanks!
- P.J., Roanoke, VA, September 2019

Scott was extremely thorough and explained everything clearly. This is our fourth house we are purchasing and he was the best inspector by far.
- E.K., Roanoke, VA, September 2019

Scott Easter of HBS Property Inspections performed a thorough and informative inspection of the home I was intending to purchase. He walked me through all of his findings and informed me of the state of critical urgency related to each finding. Because of his inspection we were able to contact the sellers and have them repair or replace whatever was defective, saving me thousands of dollars. I would definitely recommend Scott to anyone who needs to have their potential home inspected.

- V.V., Roanoke, VA, August 2019


I found your work to be both professional and thorough. I was especially pleased that when I asked a question or location of one of the problem areas, you did not rush through the explanation or hesitate to go to the location of the problem. You are first class all the way!

- T.T., Moneta, VA, July 2019


This was our second inspection within a month by Scott. His level of attention to detail in his first report helped us identify a lot of things that would have been overlooked by your typical inspector. When we moved on from the first home purchase to find something else, we didn?t even think twice before calling Scott for another inspection. My father has been a builder/contractor his entire life, and insisted on being present during Scott?s inspection of the first house. He was so blown away by Scott?s knowledge and report that when I called to inform him of the new house inspection he said there was no need to come as I was already in better hands with Scott. Since both inspections Scott has been accessible via phone to answer any additional questions we had. We couldn't be any happier with both reports!

- I.C., Salem, VA, June 2019

Thank you so much for your thorough report! We appreciate you taking your time and your honesty and attention to detail in every aspect of the house.
- M.R., Salem VA, June 2019

Thank you Scott!! I learned a lot from you. You are so great in your work. I thank you for the excellent photos you sent. You took the time to inspect every inch of the houses and answer every question from me and my daughter. You took the time to show what caused the issues. I highly recommend you to anyone for an inspector. Thank you again.
- C.N., Roanoke VA, May 2019

Extremely professional, meticulous, and everything you would hope for in an inspector!
- I.C., Salem VA, May 2019

Very detailed and informative. I like that the inspection is digital and includes pictures. I would use this inspector again!
- C.B., Covington VA, May 2019

Scott is top notch. He is knowledgeable and courteous. I'd recommend him to anyone.
- C.B., Lynchburg, VA, May 2019

Thanks so much for the thorough home inspection, your professionalism, and for taking the time to explain things to me. I will definitely be recommending you. Thanks again and I enjoyed meeting and working with you.
- S.T., Roanoke VA, April 2019

I enjoyed meeting with Scott and highly recommend him. He did a thorough job inspecting the house. 
- T.M., Kernersville NC, March 2019

Very professional and knowledgeable. Explained things in a way I could understand. I would recommend Scott to any one needing a home inspection. 
- K.J., Roanoke VA, March 2019

I would highly recommend Scott Easter for your home inspection.You will not find a more qualified or thorough inspector in the Roanoke valley area due to him being a Civil Engineer,Class A Contracter and a Home Inspector.
- S.P., March 2019

Captured and identified everything in the report. The report was very understandable and clear with all pictures available. Great work.

- A.L., Roanoke VA, November 2018


Very detail report and thank you again for answering our question
- R.M., Roanoke VA, April 2018


Scott was quite thorough, and made sure all our concerns were addressed. He answered any and all questions we had, and offered suggestions on what to do with the repairs. 
- P.P., Roanoke VA, March 2018


Scott was awesome and did a great job!
- M.W., October 2017


Scott was excellent, he was very thorough going over every inch of the house we intend to buy. His report was very detailed outlining all aspects that he evaluated and what the issue was and how important it was to correct. Thank you so much. 
- D.P., Burke VA, July 2017


Scott's expertise and patience walking me through the inspection process helped make the home-buying experience less stressful. His insights and thorough report -- along with the prompt responses to my follow-up questions -- were invaluable in finalizing the purchase and in having a working document going forward. Thank you very much!
- K.R., Roanoke VA, April 2017


As a first time home buyer knowing absolutely nothing about the process, i was relieved to have had Scott Easter perform my home inspection. He was referred to me by my realtor, and i was admittedly nervous about the whole process, naturally. Scott took the time to do a very thorough inspection, and taught me a great deal along the way. He made the inspection process very insightful, informative, and was very professional, courteous and helpful throughout the whole process. I left feeling much more confident and aware of both the state of my soon to be home, as well as the home inspection process. If ever comes a time in the future i would need a new home inspection, then i will, without hesitation, be contacting Scott Easter again for his services.
- I.W., Roanoke VA, March 2017


Scott was excellent to work with. He was prompt and friendly, as well as, thorough and concise. Because of Scott's professionalism, we will recommend him in the future. Thanks Scott!
- K.V., Salem VA, March 2017


Mr. Easter was very prompt, friendly, courteous, and conscientious. As we progressed through the inspection it became apparent that he not only had an excellent working knowledge of all the systems in the house, but he also had the ability to explain the systems in such a way that I could understand the issues. He spent the time to do the job right, and all questions were answered quickly and thoroughly. I highly recommend Mr. Easter to anyone needing a home inspection.
- K.W., Roanoke VA, February 2017


Mr. Easter was very prompt, friendly, courteous, and conscientious. As we progressed through the inspection it became apparent that he not only had an excellent working knowledge of all the systems in the house, but he also had the ability to explain the systems in such a way that I could understand the issues. He spent the time to do the job right, and all questions were answered quickly and thoroughly. I highly recommend Mr. Easter to anyone needing a home inspection.
- A.S., February 2017

Scott was very professional and walked us through the entire house, carefully explaining each item he noticed and included them on the home inspection report. Would use again.
- C.M., February 2017

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