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The Inspection Report:

A Valuable Tool

When it comes to purchasing, selling, leasing or managing a commercial property exercise your due diligence by ordering an inspection from HBS Property Inspections, LLC. Every building has unique components for its industry that need to be inspected. We have the expertise to inspect offices, warehouses, retail spaces, apartments and more. We will thoroughly inspect the building and its components making note of any deficiencies or safety issues as well as anticipated future repairs and maintenance. We highly recommend that the customer be present during the inspection so that we can point out our concerns and answer any questions that you may have. After the inspection we will provide you with a thorough, detailed report within two days. Our experienced professionals are ready to armor you with the knowledge you need to make a sound and informed decision. Contact us to today to schedule your inspection.


Industrial Building

Purchasing a commercial facility is a significant buying decision and it is essential that you protect yourself and your investment with a property inspection. A comprehensive investigation of the property by HBS Property Inspections will allow you to make an informed decision based upon our findings.  Our thorough, user friendly inspection report will allow you to make an intelligent decision about precisely what you are buying and its current condition as well as a become a tool for planning future expenses and maintenance.


Vacant Retail Building with For Sale Rea

A pre-listing building inspection provides sellers with upfront information about the condition of their property, which provides them with more control over repairs and potentially strengthens their negotiating position. Schedule a pre--listing inspection to avoid unpleasant surprises after your property is already on the market. Many buyers have walked away from deals due to the findings in the reports prepared by their inspectors. Minimize this risk by providing a building with a clean bill of health or upfront disclosures for a transparent negotiation.


Construction Engineer

We provide the lending industry with both residential and commercial new construction draw inspections designed to reduce lender risk, a speedy draw request process and audit compliance. Our draw inspection reports include updated levels of completion based on your cost breakdown sheet, as well as any array of photos. We provide customized reports to meet any need. Just let us know how we can help.


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When leasing a commercial property, a triple net lease is the common contractual agreement. A triple net lease requires the lessee to be solely responsible for any necessary repairs to the building and its components during the term of the lease. A pre-lease building inspection is a wise decision in order to protect the interest of the lessee when negotiating terms of the agreement. 

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